Leather, Suede & Fur

Leather, Fur, and Suede Cleaning in Northwood, Middlesex

Looking for reliable suede and leather cleaning services? Unlike other dry cleaners, we do not use harsh chemicals and risk affecting the colour, texture, or material of your garment. Instead, we use traditional methods and organic chemicals to ensure a pristine finish every time. Our services are so well regarded that other major dry cleaners have turned to us for these services in Northwood, Middlesex, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with Northwood Laundry & Leather Cleaners directly to enjoy the benefit of discounted prices.

Suede Cleaning

Suede and Leather

Trust our cleaners to provide hassle-free leather and suede cleaning. While dry cleaning and laundry are quite common services, this type of cleaning requires a specialist touch. We use traditional Italian methods and environmentally friendly materials to clean and protect your garments.

Fur Cleaning

Fur Cleaning

Prolong the life of your fur garment and keep it soft and moist for longer with our expert cleaning services. We use traditional Russian methods and organic vegetable-based chemicals to cleanse all dirt and stains without damaging the feel of the fur.

Leather Jacket


Keep your jacket waxed to the manufacturer’s standards with Northwood Laundry & Leather Cleaners. We are experienced in cleaning and re-waxing jackets from various brands, including Barbour and Burberry. While other dry cleaners use synthetic wax, which is known to damage garments, our trained professionals use organic wax, made in-house for the best possible results.

Specialising in Leather and Suede

Using traditional methods, we complete all leather and suede cleaning to the highest standard.