Laundry & Shirts

Efficient and Effective Laundry Services in Northwood, Middlesex

Struggling to find the time to tackle that washing pile? Choose laundry and shirt-cleaning services from Northwood Laundry & Leather Cleaners. Saving you time and effort, we use organic chemicals to provide first-class services for clients throughout Northwood, Middlesex, and Hertfordshire. Our comprehensive services include clothing, duvets, bedding, and even specialist leather, suede, and fur cleaning. Contact us today for further details.


Shirt Cleaning

No matter what colour your shirts are, or if they have folded cuffs or short sleeves, we will make sure they are clean for the week ahead. We are committed to providing high-quality shirt-cleaning services for all our customers, so your laundry is in good hands.


Environmentally Friendly Laundry

We only use environmentally friendly chemicals and organic materials to clean your laundry. Our skilled cleaners will thoroughly wash your garments for you, and we always individually inspect each item to ensure it is returned to you in the finest condition.

Covering All Your Laundry Needs

We provide laundry and shirt-cleaning services for customers throughout the local area.